“I give thanks to God for the life of Antonio and Alejandra because they have guided us through good paths and, above all, for the love, so big, that they have given to me and each one of us, and for teaching me how to be in a family. They have turned an orphanage into a great family with values and much education.”

Child of Casa


“If God would have given me the opportunity to choose between my biological parents or Antonio and Alejandra, I would have chosen Antonio and Alejandra for the love, affection, education, and all that they have done for me.”

Child of Casa


"The most unanticipated feeling for me, the one thing I had no way of knowing I’d find the single most core rattling discovery that knocked me completely off center during my first of many subsequent visits to Casa de la Esperanza some 6 years ago was how quickly I was struck by the shared sense of unbridled joy in the eyes of children who were just happy to be fed, clothed, cared for, nurtured and loved. As one young girl in our group asked incredulously while standing in the midst of some 6 or 7 smiling and laughing Mexican children, “where are all the orphans?”

These kids have nothing to speak of in a tangible sense. And yet, to a person, they have one another. They have a spirit. They have joy. And they have all of the above simply because two people have selflessly sacrificed themselves, to the growing deriment to their own health, virtually non-stop for nearly twenty years now to make this loving place possible for children who have no other place to go."

Long time volunteer


“Casa de la Esperanza is truly a loving home to all who live there. From the moment I first stepped onto the grounds, until I left five days later, there was love all around me. This love is nothing but an extension of the compassion and care that Profe and Alejandra pour into each of these kids’ lives daily.”



“I am literally counting the days until I will be back in Tijuana with the kids at Casa. Their infectious smiles, heart-warming hugs, and incredible life stories were enough to seriously change my life forever.”

1st trip to Casa 2010


"I’ll never forget the image of one of the meals the kids were given for dinner back in 2004. It was a plate of mashed beans with only one chip in it. Casa was struggling financially and that was all they could afford. Over the years, thanks to the generosity of donors, the nutrition has improved for the children. I feel so humbled every time I go, and look forward to being there and catching up with the kids, the workers, and Alejandra and Profe. I definitely get more out of my trips to Casa than I could ever possibly give."

Yearly volunteer


"I have been going to Casa de la Esperanza orphanage in Tijuana twice a year now for the past 7 years. I think my favorite thing is to take teenagers down there and watch the miracles unfold. The kids bond instantly, regardless of any language barrier....sports and crafts and hugs are a universal language. It changes everyone of us for the better.
You cannot help but approach life differently upon returning home from Casa."

Long time volunteer